To excel as a high-performance growth-oriented international service company.




Growth and Success via a determined focus on continuous improvement.


      1)    Customer Satisfaction

      2)    Operational Excellence

      3)    Technical Competency and Innovation

      4)    Financial Performance




Although the 4 elements are not in any specific order, we can say that if we excel in elements   1, 2 and 3, then we will have excellent operational performance and solid financial performance.


Customer Satisfaction


Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations in terms of safety leadership, service, performance, data quality and accuracy and overall professionalism. On a day-to-day basis, we will focus on continuously improving in these areas.


Developing good, open relationships with customers is essential. Our goal should be to understand the needs of the client and the opportunity and / or ability that Oil Services Group Ltd (OSGL-NA)  has to positively address those needs. If we know and understand those needs, then we will be better able to apply the right service, equipment, technology, experience and personnel to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. In some cases, it may mean knowing the customer’s future needs so that we can develop or identify new technology to be applied to solve those needs in the future. In other cases, it may mean placing the proper resources or expertise at the customer’s disposal so that we can work together to identify the best approach and options for addressing the needs of that client. In all cases it is a matter of developing an awareness of and having an ongoing interaction with our customers so that they are aware of the know-how and quality of service which they can expect of OSGL-NA and we are equally knowledgeable of their drivers to the point that we are meeting their expectations in terms of what / how we provide our support to them and importantly also, how they evaluate that support. The relationship and level of satisfaction that the customer has with our company is too important to leave to only the “sales” or “business development” organization within our company; Therefore, this is a role that everyone needs to assume. Responsibility for anytime an opportunity is provided to communicate and / or support our customers.


While in some situations customer satisfaction may mean finding ways to provide a more cost-effective service or technology, it should not translate into increased discounts or increased “no charge” line items on a field ticket. All things being equal, price does become a buying factor. Our goal however should be to prevent all things being equal by consistently providing higher levels of performance than the customer will typically experience from other suppliers. When we are required to, we will compete on price to obtain a new customer or keep a valued one but this will not be a philosophy, only an exception.


Operational Excellence


A key buying factor for all customers is service quality. If we successfully focus daily on continuous improvement, in three main components of service quality-


  • Safety leadership,        

  • Service processes,

  • Support processes,


then, we will reach our goal of operational excellence.


We have to have a consistency in performance standards (our management system- standards, guidelines, procedures) but we will also have to educate people well enough to allow them to operate flexibly and manage and mitigate risk effectively.


Technical Competency and Innovation


Our technical competency and ability to innovate are talents that, in the area of our business, separate us from our competitors and provide the foundation for our future success. That success will be measured in large part by the profitable growth that results from our focus on the ‘Four Key       Elements’. Our goal as a company, in fact our vision and mission, is to GROW. We all are aware that our current businesses are ripe for growth, by themselves however they will not sustain the level of growth that we desire for our longer-term goals. We will need to acquire added technologies and offerings that further enhance our current capabilities so that we can accomplish the level of growth and performance that we expect. Further, our technical competence and innovative ability will help in two additional ways:


  1. We can leverage the background and experience we have in the company already to acquire and operate newer technologies.

  2. We can utilize our technical capabilities within the company to identify, design and / or apply newer technologies that our customers may require.


Financial Performance


We are in business to make profit. Continuous improvement in all of the above elements will drive our financial performance improvement. Decisions that are made by all of us in the every day running of our business. In every task from field to headquarters, these decisions will affect our financial performance. We must ask ourselves in every instance –


  1. Will this decision provide benefit to our customer ?

  2. Will this decision provide more profitable growth to OSGL-NA ?

  3. Will this decision lower our costs or improve our efficiency ?






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